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Good design takes time; a lot of it.

Explore our dynamic fee packages below to find the right fit for your project requirements.

Preliminary Consultancy

15 minute phone consultation COMPLIMENTARY

Coffee & Consultation (on site) $450 + GST

+ Add hand sketched Architectural plans $1,000 + GST

The Visualiser $13,500 + GST

“The Visualiser” offers cost-effective control over your project without ongoing drafting and management fees. We design the architectural concept, considering site-specific constraints, and use this insight to create a responsive design. We emphasize design intent through floor plans and renderings, fostering transparency and collaboration. You take the reins with our software model once we've brought your project to life, putting you in control of its future direction. We firmly believe 'big ideas' are the foundation of exceptional projects.

The Realiser $POA

For the highest quality and a hands-off experience, “The Realiser” is by far our most recommended approach. We handle everything from detailed documentation to project management, ensuring your project's success. This package covers council approval, building requirements, and pricing with recommended builders. If quality is essential to you, this is the ideal choice.

For an approximate fee calculation, please allow for 10-12% of the construction cost to cover the design and approval fees for all consultants involved (including the Architect, engineer, certifier, surveyor etc.).

Within this percentage, as the project lead, the Architectural Design Fee is approximately 7.5% of the construction budget (on average), but will vary slightly depending on project size and complexity. The Architectural Fee for each project would be discussed in further detail in specific response to the site, scope, and individual project requirements.

Full Architectural Services

The Visualiser
The Realiser

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Stage 4

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Stage 8

Stage 9

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