About Us

Billy Dawson Architects is an Architecture and interior design practice focused on the delivery of elegant and practical design solutions for customers across South East Queensland and beyond.

Our practice was established by Architect Billy Dawson with a desire to deliver a more personalised design experience with a higher level of client engagement.

Meet the team

Billy Dawson


Laura Niland-Rowe

Project Design Manager

Carly Caspersz

Architectural Graduate

Sham Karim

Architectural Graduate

Jerome Pontillas

Architectural Graduate

Wynter Stolz

Student of Architecture

Shu Yi Chai

Administration Officer


Responsible design is not only sympathetic to its environment and its local context, but also stems from an inherent goal to deliver a client’s functional needs without excess or waste. Responsible design to us means using our talents to deliver spatial efficiencies and employ visual tactics to deliver big impacts without material waste or overcapitalisation. This is our commitment to our clients.


Our designs are driven by client taste, local context and functional needs, meaning that each of our projects take on a very unique style and identity of their own as they are adapted to their immediate surroundings. We also design with the future in mind, and structure spaces for multiple uses or the possibility for future modification or expansion as functional needs change.


Our design style is timeless and sophisticated. We use simple elegant forms, classic colour palettes and pleasing proportions to deliver quality spaces that will stand the test of time. This is a big part of our commitment to a responsible design process and we place greater importance on this than simply following current trends.